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Trick-or-treat for UNICEF school presentations

I love to do programs in schools to promote Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, where kids have been helping kids worldwide for over 60 years. I love this program, not just because my mother and father-in-law began it, but because I know their hearts, and I know they wanted kids to feel connected to the kids of the world, and to feel empowered to help them.


It's really all about Global Citizenship.  My husband and I are members of Brooklyn For Peace, and it's this organization that sponsors our local efforts.  The video here, however, was made by US Fund for UNICEF, and is on their website and available nation-wide to all schools and families.


Locally, my husband, Monroe Allison, makes all the school contacts, arranges for the delivery of the boxes, and also can arrange to pick up the boxes and get the money counted and sent (via coinstar) directly to UNICEF, keeping very careful records so that your school family knows exactly how much they've raised for the kids of the world. Whatever help you need, we'll be there.  Write to Monroe at


Sometimes it's taking 10  minutes in a school-wide assembly, sometimes its a 20 minute full or grade-wide assembly, sometimes it's a few minutes going class to class. I try to make it as concise, enjoyable and informative as possible. 


I understand totally how precious class time it, and that whatever distracts from class time must have a valuable educational component. I try to help the kids recognize the plights of very worthy kids in specific geographies of the world and the reasons for their plights, the logical solutions, and how what they do can specifically help those kids.


I use play-acting, puppetry and song, whatever is appropriate for the grade-level. 

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